JL - Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting - 11/12/99

  • Opening Remarks - Chairman Bob Johnson opened the meeting at 8:30 AM. The April 9, 1999 minutes were approved.

  • Secretary/Treasurer's Report - Gordon Cook reported there is $1,148 in our account. The villages not represented were Anchorage, Bay Head, Harbour, Narrows and Windward.

    This year the minutes will be posted on the web a few days after each meeting. Go to: http://gcook.com and follow the links to JL and the Presidents Council. The web site also contains a list of the village presidents. Prepared remarks which are e-mailed to Gordon can be attached to these minutes as written. For example, see the JLGC Marketing Report.

  • JL Marina Activities - Leon Moore gave a short history of the marina. He reported that the recent law suit regarding the operation of a restaurant was decided in favor of the marina.

    They have 160 members of the new Marina Club, of which 108 are residents of JL. They expect to have 200 members by the end of the year and 300 by the end of the season. The facilities can handle a maximum of 400 members. A social membership is $550/yr. A boating membership is $750.

    The marina has a meeting room which will handle 50 comfortably, 75 if you squeeze in. He offered it to the JL villages for meetings Monday - Friday, from 8 - 5. Reservations are required.

  • JLGC Activities - Rick Hammell said the nominating committee has interviewed 21 prospective candidates. Next Tuesday they will announce the 5 they are nominating to fill 3 seats on the board. Ballots will be mailed in December. January 4 there will be a cocktail party at the club where members can talk with the individual candidates. The election will be at the annual meeting on Tuesday, January 11.

    Modernization continues to focus on the plan outlined in the November Bulletin. After obtaining accurate costs, a letter and ballot will be mailed to the membership in early December asking for approval, rejection or modification of the plan and approval of a financial direction. The board will act accordingly.

    Talks continue with ALCOA about the bank slopes and water levels at Old Trail. Bill King is leading this.

    It will cost about $750,000 to replace the irrigation system at JL. The major repair installation now underway will not have to be redone. It will be part of the new system.

    This year we'll concentrate on improving the food service and events. More attention will be devoted to marketing, and trying to make the present members happier and more secure.

    The board approved a defibrillator at OT. The security cars at JL carry defibrillators.

    The golf committee is studying the use of pull carts on the Hills course.

  • JLGC Membership/Marketing - Beth Meister presented a JL Golf Club Marketing Report. Her prepared remarks are attached.

  • JLPOA Activities - Bill Howe reported they are investigating a bar code entrance system. The POA is on budget.

    At least 48 hours before each DCB meeting, JL Cable channel 5 will broadcast a list of the villages containing properties on the agenda.

    Bill asked the village presidents and their residents to write to the County Commissioners stating their support for zoning which would allow a real estate sales office on our Civic Parcel. He provided a typed letter for each village.

    Carmine Muratore reported that the POA has created an imaginatively named committee: The Landscape, Water & Roads Committee. A memo from DMI will be sent to each president recommending how grass cutting and fertilizing should be done to help preserve the quality of our ponds.

  • Design Control Board - Carmine briefly outlined some memos from Glen Fetter describing the role of the DCB, hurricane shutter usage and requirements for the processing of DCB applications for exterior changes. Copies of those memos are attached to the mailed copy of these minutes.

  • Security Report - Bob Shea reviewed the Security Status Report for October. A copy of that report is attached to the mailed copy of these minutes.

  • Access By Charities To JL - Bob Johnson discussed the request by some charities to come into JL on a regular basis for pickups of donated items. It was decided to leave things as they are now.

  • Angel Tree - Bill Howe said that 230 children got gifts last year from the Angel Tree in JL. This year's Angel Tree project details are attached to the mailed copy of these minutes.

  • New Owner Orientation - The new owner handouts have been moved from DMI to JL Security (Bob Shea). We're looking for a volunteer to manage the new owner handout. See the attached JLGC Marketing Report for information about a gift for each new JL property owner.

  • Flyers and Mailboxes - Handouts to village residents can not legally be put in mailboxes. Villages must find a different way to distribute their flyers or put postage on them and mail them.

  • Next Meeting - Our next meeting will be Friday, Dec. 10, 1999 at 8:30 AM in the Nickaleer Lounge of the Golf Club.

JLGC Marketing Report - 11/12/99

    Beth Meister, Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club’s Membership Director reported that the Club is embarking on an extensive marketing program for 2000. Advertising will be done in Travel and Leisure Golf, Links Magazine, Michigan Golfer and Met Golfer. This being our second season we are getting closer to being able to track the effectiveness of our advertising dollars.

    The new direct mail piece that was mailed in September to all members will be updated with some changes for the next printing. Copies will also be included in the Greenwich News on November 19th. We are trying to use designated target markets for solicitation and inclusion of this piece in their local papers. Any Village President who wishes to suggest a paper from their northern areas is encouraged to call Beth with the information.

    JL is working with golf website locations to add on as a link for exposure.

    The Rental Program during the 1999 season was very successful and brought 6 new members to the Club and Community. The program has been revamped and extended to make their stay more enjoyable. The Renter Mixers will continue this year. Each Renter is given a welcome gift from the Club costing roughly $10. This might sound like a minimal or trivial undertaking, but they have been very well received.

    Village Presidents are encouraged to contact Beth for these gifts to supply to new residents of their village.

    The total number of members billed dues for 2000 was 697. There are currently 7 deposits awaiting final payment which will be billed dues at that point. There are also currently 5 members who gave a December 31, 1999 resignation date and we are not sure whether they are actually leaving or not. The dues budget for 2000 was based on 715 members. It is expected that we will reach this target sometime within the first quarter of the year. Since the budget was cut by some $30,000 during the budget process, Beth petitioned the Board for a review on June 1 of the dues line and a possible reinstitution of the $30K to the budget.

    There are currently 12 Hot Prospects and total prospects of 987.

    The Stay and Play program is intended for those individuals with interest in JL. They are set up with golf for 2 for two days and hotel accommodations at the Wellesley Inn or the Jupiter Beach Resort. It should be made clear that they are not being given this opportunity. The packages are $300 and $500 respectively. This is a very limited program, 2 tee times per day after 1:00 and that we are making money on this endeavor. Also, each participant is required to meet with a representative of the JL Realty. The lack of inventory could impact the sales for 2000.