JL - Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting - 2/11/00

  • Opening Remarks - Chairman Bob Johnson opened the meeting at 8:30 AM. The Jan. 14, 2000 minutes were approved.

  • Secretary/Treasurer's Report - Gordon Cook reported that the only village not represented was Casseekey Island.

    There is $1,891 in our account plus $1,000 in undeposited checks from the villages. To date 21 villages have paid the $100 assessment that was passed at the Dec. meeting. The remainder are encouraged to do so by the next PC meeting.

  • JLGC Activities - Paul Moore reported on JL Golf Club activities. An abridged version of his comments is attached.

  • JL Realty & Community Center - Bill Howe reported JL Realty had a profit last year of $91,000. So far this year the profit was $5,000 in Jan. and $5,000 in Feb. The POA recently gave $60,000 to the JLGC for its advertising to attract new members.

    The POA wants to keep JL Realty going. On Feb. 15 the County Commissioners will have the first reading of proposed new legislation which will affect JL's ability to have an on premises real estate office. The POA hopes that legislation will grandfather in the present office at the clubhouse for 2 more years. During that time the POA will work to get permission to continue JL Realty at the clubhouse and/or to locate it in a new community center built on the civic parcel.

    We're one of only a few communities without a Community Center. At some point during the next year the POA expects to put out two numbers: the costs of building a community center with and without a sales office included. Whether or not the center is built will be decided by a vote of the residents.

  • Other JLPOA Activities - Bill said the POA expects to complete its investigation of a bar code system for gate entry by May.

    The POA will start including newsletter type information with the quarterly bills they send to residents.

    The POA is studying the central gate situation wondering if it should be closed. The labor market for guards is very tight. Pay raises would just be matched by neighboring communities. They are studying the possibility of attracting guards by changing our benefits package.

  • Design Control Board - Glen Fetter provided two handouts - copies are attached to the mailed version of these minutes. He discussed the situation with satellite dishes and the need for villages to act immediately to control this situation before it becomes a problem.

  • Security Report - Bob Shea provided the Security Status Report for January. A copy is attached to the mailed copy of these minutes. Bob described the way the security force responds to medical emergencies within JL. If you have an emergency, you should dial 911 and also press the emergency button on your alarm system.

  • Blood Mobile - Bob Kiskaddon reported that the blood mobile will be in JL Feb. 21. The shortage of blood is critical. See channel 5 for details.

  • JL Cares - Fruit Pickup - The surplus fruit from your trees will be collected for the needy on Feb. 23-25. See channel 5 for details.

  • Next Meeting - Our next meeting will be Friday, Mar . 10, 2000 at 8:30 AM in the Nickaleer Lounge of the Golf Club.

  • Respectfully submitted - Gordon Cook

    Minutes of Presidents Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found by going to http://gcook.com then following the links to Jonathan's Landing and the Presidents Council.

JLGC Report - 12/10/99

  • Paul Moore, JLGC President repeated the comments he made at Tuesday's "JLGC Afternoon with the Board". That address was intended to bring the membership together and let them know exactly what your board is working on. The 7 main topics are discussed below first in random order and then listed in priority order. JLGC board meetings will normally be at 3:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month.

  • Search for new General Manager - Charlotte Arnold is the Board liaison and Dick Hanhart has generously agreed to chair the search committee. The 6 other committee members have been selected. The committee would like to find a younger version of Egon (the interim manager). John Sibbald Associates, the foremost club search organization in the country will be assisting and will charge no additional fee. Some resumes have been received. Extensive background checks will be done. We'd like to have the new manager on board by March 15 to April 1. Egon wants to go April 15.

  • Long Range Plan - We are reviewing and reprioritizing. Instead of starting with a plan and then finding the money, we're starting with the money and then developing a plan. Implementation will be dynamic over several years and modular so that we can do A, then B, then C, etc. and they will all fit together. The $2,000 assessment for May will yield $1,400,000. We will do the kitchen and Old Trail green and practice area for about $890,000. $400,000 will be added to our cash funds. We will not be moving and enlarging the JL putting area at this time. The $50,000 rebuild of the JL ferry will be put off until 2001. There will be no hard and set year for each part of the plan. The Finance Committee will be looking into 3rd party financing. It's expensive, but that way future members who would be getting the most benefits would also pay for them.

  • Kitchen Improvements - This is a must do project. The present kitchen is chopped and very inefficient. We have scaled the original proposal of a 1700 sq. ft. expansion back to 800 for a total new size of 3400 sq. ft. The new layout (developed with outside and member help) is an efficient layout that provides ample storage, refrigeration, freezers, egress and ingress for a very efficient and effective operation. While cutting the size of the expansion, we added a basement which will be wired and plumbed for a variety of possible future uses. We expect to start in early July and open in time for Thanksgiving. The cost for all this will be $700,000 - $750,000.

  • Old Trail Slope Issues - Alcoa would like a quick fix of the slopes of the 40,000 feet of shoreline at Old Trail. We are insisting on a permanent fix. Otherwise the present rise and fall of the lake levels with rainfall and drought will erode the banks and the original problem will return. We want Alcoa to build a new weir to control the lake levels and prevent erosion. The total cost of doing it right is probably $3,000,000 - $4,000,000. Greg McGinn is handling the slope issue and any other attendant Alcoa related problems.

  • Bylaws Changes - We've put together an excellent committee headed by Rick Hammell to develop new bylaws. They should be the rules that control this and future boards. Right now the bylaws can be changed by a vote of just 6 board members. Once the bylaws are set it should be possible, but very difficult to change them. The bylaws should include spending limits and a democratic election process with secret ballot. They should also specify an equity to transfer fee split that will affect future members. Current members will be grandfathered in.

  • Membership Levels / Marketing - We currently have 708 members with 3 contracts out. We expect to have 715 by March 1. The budget is based on 715 members. The finance committee has the assignment to look at various possible membership levels: 700, 725, 750, etc. to decide what is the optimum membership level based on finances and playability (crowding) of the courses. Once we decide on a number, it will be inserted in the bylaws, given to the finance committee for their operating budget, and given to Marketing/Membership as their target. Any applications beyond that level will go on a waiting list. There's something magical about having a waiting list and what it does for a club.

    JL Realty currently has 48 units for sale in JL. Selling memberships to the buyers of those homes is not enough. We need to go outside JL including looking at the professional associations such as the Palm Beach Medical Association, Bar Association and Realty to find new members.

  • Cash Management - This is currently very important and we have a new Finance Committee. They will be doing a monthly cash flow analysis so we will know ahead of time just where we stand. This committee will analyze and determine the financial impact of every project and important decision before it is undertaken. For example, they will be developing alternate food plans for while the kitchen is shut down. This committee will be involved in most of the other items listed above.

  • The Priority List - Listing these items in order of priority:

    1. Cash Management
    2. Membership Level
    3. Search for new Manager
    4. Kitchen Expansion
    5. Bylaw Changes
    6. Slope Issues
    7. Execution of Long Range Plan