JL - Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting - 4/14/00

  • Opening Remarks - Chairman Bob Johnson opened the meeting at 8:30 AM. The March 10, 2000 minutes were approved.

  • Secretary/Treasurer's Report - Gordon Cook reported that the villages not represented were Bay Head, Riverwind, Southern Cay, Waterbend and Windrift.

    There is $3,219 in our account plus a $100 undeposited check. All villages have paid the $100 assessment which was passed in December.

  • JLGC Activities - Paul Moore reported that today is Egon's last day at JL. He has been great. Peter Young will start April 20.

    The specs. for the new kitchen's equipment are finished. We are getting 4 quotes. The equipment contract will be awarded May 22. Final drawings for kitchen construction will be finished by May 1. The construction contract will be awarded June 16. Construction will start in early July. Permits for this project will require 6-8 weeks.

    We are no longer receiving dues from the developer. The developer's memberships reverted to the club. With 799 total certificates issued, we currently have 711 members. In spite of the loss of developer dues, we are doing better financially this year than we were last. Food sales are up significantly, particularly on Wednesday nights.

  • JLPOA Activities - Bill Howe reminded everyone that JL is a gated community, not a guarded community. People can not drive in without permission, but it is possible for outsiders to walk in. Each resident should keep his/her garage door closed and house locked and use the alarm system.

    JL Realty has had an income of $27,165 so far this year compared with $9,281 for the same period last year. There are currently not many units for sale in JL: 35 total of which 8 are stand alone units.

    Nils Kindwall, Harvey Porter and Mort Siegel are reviewing the JLPOA bylaws. The present version required Ron Ryan to withdraw from the recent POA election because the house is in his wife's name.

    The POA is looking into the problem of motorcycle noise. It hopes to solve it without requiring a total ban on motorcycles.

  • Central Gate & Bar Code Entry System - Bill Howe reported the POA has approved getting a bar code system for the central gate. Starting in May the system will be installed at all three gates. It will take about a week for each. They may be able to extend the hours of the central gate once the system is installed. Residents will receive a letter telling all about the new system.

  • Satellite Dishes - Glenn Fetter, reporting for the Design Control Board, announced that the location for any satellite dish must receive village and DCB approval. The rule is: The dish must be hidden from view.

  • Security Report - Bob Shea provided the Security Status Report for March. A copy is attached to the mailed copy of these minutes.

    Recently bums cut a hole in the fence between Albertson's and Bridgegate North. When the hole was discovered there was no one in the Bridgegate woods. Security confiscated the possessions found there and left a note describing where they could be retrieved. Security will shine a very bright light into the woods during their nighttime patrols. If anyone is seen, the police will be called.

    Please notify security if you are leaving this summer and when you return. It affects the way they respond to any alarms from your unit.

    As a direct result of the recent increase in starting pay from $8.00 to $9.60, JL was able to hire 5 new guards (1 has since quit). Competing communities are paying $9.50. Existing employees received pay raises of up to 20%. The increase for each employee was based on merit and not everyone received the full 20%. Employee benefits were also improved to aid in getting and retaining qualified personnel.

  • Summer Contacts & Management Companies - Bob Johnson again asked all Presidents who will not be here this summer to provide an alternate contact for their village.

    Gordon asked each president to give him the name of his/her village's management company. The management companies are always available and know who is on the village board, etc. Gordon will add the management company information to his web site which lists the village presidents along with their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.

  • New Residents Folders - Bill Howe said he is getting quotes on having the new residents handouts printed. He is exploring several possibilities.

  • Contractors List - Bill Howe showed the list of service providers which Shearwater provides for its residents. Other villages may want to use this as an example for developing their own lists. If a village does publish a list, make sure that disclaimer language is included so that the village can not be held liable if a service provider on the list fails to perform satisfactorily. A copy of the Shearwater list is attached to the mailed version of these minutes

  • Village Bylaws - The bylaws of most of our villages prevent the spouse of an owner from serving as a director of their association. Likewise if the house is in trust, it may not be possible for either of the "owners" to serve as a director. Most of the villages expect to change their bylaws to eliminate these limitations.

    Harvey Porter delivered a memorandum from Walter Beaman, "Re: Eligibility of Non-members of Village Associations to be Village Directors - April 10, 2000" for inclusion in the minutes. A copy of that memorandum is attached to the mailed version of these minutes. This is not legal advice and should not be treated as such.

  • Erroneous Village Tax Returns - Don Foley reported that a firm they had previously used to prepare their village tax returns had deducted expenses against their reserve fund income. He has since learned that is not permitted and that the returns were therefore in error. He suggested that other villages should check to make sure their returns do not contain the same error.

    The advisability of having an outside audit of a village's finances was discussed. Most villages do not do it. Two villages had paid for audits at a cost of $2000 - $2200.

  • Election of Officers - The slate of officers proposed by the nominating committee was:

      Earl Weeks - Chairman
      Gordon Cook - Vice Chairman
      Chuck Woolard - Secretary/Treasurer

    There were no nominations from the floor and the proposed slate was unanimously approved.

  • Closing Remarks - Bob Johnson read the JL Presidents' Council column he has written for the May Golf Club Bulletin. It reflects Bob's feeling about the council and his service thereon.

  • Next Meeting - Our next meeting will be Friday, Nov. 10, 2000 at 8:30 AM in the Nickaleer Lounge of the Golf Club.

  • Respectfully submitted - Gordon Cook

    Minutes of Presidents Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found by going to http://gcook.com then following the links to Jonathan's Landing and the Presidents Council.