JL - Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting - 11/17/00

  • Opening Remarks - Chairman Earl Weeks opened the meeting at 8:30 AM. The April 14, 2000 minutes were approved.

  • Secretary/Treasurer's Report - In Chuck Woolard's absence, Gordon Cook acted as secretary for this meeting. Gordon reported that the villages not represented were Bay Head, Bridgegate, Harbour and Port Dickinson.

    There is now over $3,000 in our account. We collected $100 from each village last year. Such funding is only required every 2 or 3 years so we should have no financial concerns this year.

    The list of village presidents will continue to be available at gcook.com. The minutes of past PC meetings are posted there. We hope to post future minutes.

    Because our minutes are essentially a newsletter, we like to distribute them quickly. Chuck will be working to speed up the process. For each village that desires it, a copy of the minutes will go straight from Chuck to the village's management company.

  • JLGC Activities - Paul Moore reported that the kitchen project was originally scheduled for completion by Thanksgiving, but was delayed by the lengthy permitting process. The club is now working valiantly for an end of year completion. New kitchen / dining staff will be trained in time for opening day.

    The club is taking over maintenance of the golf courses from DMI. The maintenance employees are transitioning from DMI to JL. For each employee, this involves an application, interview, and hiring for a 90 day trial period. Their DMI seniority will be carried over. The reaction has been very positive.

    The overall transition to JLGC management is going well. The savings should be significant and we expect better quality and control of the golf courses.

  • JLPOA Activities - Bill Howe reported JL will be getting two new flagpoles in '01. One at the North gate and one at the South Gate.

    Plantings along the south rim ditch will continue as we try to do a better job of hiding Admiral's Cove from view. The next project is across from the 7th green.

    Our lakes contain lots of bass. Those caught tend to be smaller than a few years ago. One thought is that the large ones have been caught and released enough times that they're now too smart to get caught. Additional bass will be added in the spring.

    The requirement to remove all exotic plants will not go into effect in '06 as originally scheduled.

    All presidents are asked to have their landscaping contractors cut the grass so that the clippings do not go into the lakes. A lot of effort has to go into removing those clippings.

    The POA is working toward a change in their bylaws to permit the spouses of owners (and other indirect owners) to serve on the POA board. The POA expects to schedule a Jan. 10 meeting to vote on this change.

    The traffic light at the north gate stops all eastbound traffic when the bridge goes up. Cars wanting to turn into JL are frequently blocked for many minutes by a few cars ahead of them. The POA will request that the traffic signal be reprogrammed to let those cars proceed toward the bridge.

  • Angel Tree - JL Cares is having the Angel Tree program again this year. The Presidents Council is a co-sponsor. A motion was passed to contribute $100 from the Presidents Council.

  • DCB Activities - Glenn Fetter handed out one copy of the new "JLPOA Design and Development Guidelines, Revised July 2000" to each village president. The previous version had been developed by Alcoa.

    Glenn emphasized the legal requirement that village boards "give notice" to their residents for all board meetings. Any meeting of a quorum of the board at which votes are taken can only occur if proper notice was given. "Workshops" do not require notice. A workshop is a discussion meeting where no votes are taken. The notice requirement can be satisfied several ways, including by posting the information at a community pool or on a sign at the entrance to the village at least 48 hours before the meeting.

    Carmine Muratore described the DCB's responsibilities. Glenn's November 17, 2000 "Dear Community Boards of Directors" letter which covers that was distributed. A copy is included with the written version of these minutes and is recommended reading for all residents.

    One question which came up is house painting. If a homeowner wants to repaint and EXACTLY match the existing color, the village board must review the request and can approve it without forwarding it to the DCB. Any change, including merely a different shade of the existing color, requires DCB approval.

  • Security Report - Bob Shea provided the Security Status Report for October. A copy is attached to the written version of these minutes.

    The employee quota for security personnel is now filled although we will have several employees retiring shortly. We have a full quota and better employees thanks to the pay raise instituted last spring.

  • New Owner Orientation Booklet - The POA has taken over the project to produce a new version. It should be finished early next year. The copies will be delivered to Bob Shea. He will give one to each new owner. Others will be able to purchase copies.

  • Village Bylaws - The bylaws of most of our villages prevent the spouse of an owner from serving as a director of their association. Likewise if the house is in trust, it may not be possible for either of the "owners" to serve as a director. Some villages have changed their bylaws to correct this situation and the remainder are urged to do so.

  • Propane - Earl Weeks has determined that it may be possible to get at least a 10% drop in the price of propane by having the villages combine their purchasing power. Earl will investigate further.

  • POA Nominating Committee - Arthur O'Day asked the Presidents to give him recommendations for choosing the POA nominating committee by the end of the year.

  • Next Meeting - Our next meeting will be Friday, Dec. 8, 2000 at 8:00 AM in the Nickaleer Lounge of the Golf Club.

  • Respectfully submitted - Gordon Cook

    Minutes of Presidents Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found by going to http://gcook.com then following the links to Jonathan's Landing and the Presidents Council.