JL - Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting - 12/08/00

  • Opening Remarks - Chairman Earl Weeks opened the meeting at 8:00 AM. The November 11, 2000 minutes were approved.

  • Secretary/Treasurer's Report - In Chuck Woolard's absence, Gordon Cook acted as secretary for this meeting. Gordon reported that the villages not represented were Bay Head, Cape Pointe, Harbour and Southporte.

  • JLGC Activities - Paul Moore reported that the kitchen project is in its final phase. The equipment arrives tomorrow. The contractor date to vacate is Dec. 20. The club will train the staff in the use of the new facilities and expects to open for business the first week in January.

    In the recent member vote on the renovation plans, there were 458 votes cast: 416 Yes, 31 No, 10 blank, 1 double voted. After the deadline 31 votes came in: 29 Yes, 2 No.

    The club is in the final phase of changing its bylaws. The new version will turn over bylaws changes to the members instead of to the board. They will include spending limits and voting regulations.

  • JLGC Membership and Marketing - Harrison Hine reported that JLGC is changing to an all equity club. There will no longer be annual memberships for social and tennis. House equity membership is $1000 for current annual social members. For new members it is $2000 and that will increase to $3000 effective 2/15/01.

    We currently have 719 dues paying golf members. That consists of 701 regular golf and 18 associate golf. An associate member is someone under 50 years of age who is paying the equity fee in installments. The fee is pro-rated over 10 years or the years until he/she is 50.

    With 799 certificates outstanding and 701 regular members, there are 98 in the resignation list. It currently requires about 18 - 22 months from resignation until receipt of equity payment. In 2000 we have had 59 new golf equity members and 49 resignations.

    The minimum spending for 2000 is not changed even though the kitchen has been closed.

    Harrison handed out a "House Equity Membership Questions and Answers" sheet. It is shown at the end of these minutes.

  • JLPOA Activities - Bill Howe requested that all homeowners or their landscaping services pick up fruit that has fallen to the ground. It attracts rats.

    The POA will check to see if the barcode stickers can be copied and the copies used to trigger the barcode readers at the gates.

    One new flagpole will be at the S.W. corner of the JL property near the sign. The other will be at the north entrance.

    JL Realty has produced approximately $95,000 for JL this year.

    The POA will do a survey of JL residents next year to learn what the residents would like to have done.

    Last year the Angel Tree program had 250 angels. We expect to do that well this year.

    A bench will be added to the South Recreation Area.

    The POA has written to the authorities requesting that the traffic light by the North Gate be changed to not block all eastbound traffic (including those wanting to enter JL) when the bridge goes up. We have not received a response yet.

    Harvey Porter is no longer advising the POA on legal matters. The POA would appreciate a new volunteer.

    Bill reported that the new contents for the "Residents Handbook" should be completed by the end of January. Bob Shea will give a copy of this book to each new owner (See "Security Report" below.) Each village board should meet with new owners and familiarize them with the various rules and regulations.

  • DCB Activities - Glenn Fetter reported that the JLPOA passed a motion to commence on all requests received after January 1, 2001: "Deduct $200 of the new residence fee of $3000 and $150 of the $1500 new additions fee for administrative costs in addition to deducting the outside consultant's fee, prior to reimbursement at the end of the project."

    Glenn distributed a suggested form for giving notice for meetings of village boards. He also distributed copies of the new JLPOA DCB "Alterations and Additions Request Form." The request form is attached to the written version of these minutes.

  • Security Report - Bob Shea provided the Security Status Report for November. A copy is attached to the written version of these minutes.

    There have been 7 cases of Christmas decorations reported stolen: wreaths, lighted sleigh, etc. Some thefts are known to have occurred between 6 and 9 PM. All residents are asked to keep watch. If you see anything being taken, call security. They will close the exit gates and inspect all outgoing vehicles. We are not alone. There have been similar thefts at other gated golf communities in our area.

    Each new owner has a meeting with Bob Shea. At that meeting Bob:

      Describes how to use the alarm system.
      Gives a copy of the "Resident's Handbook."
      Describes the DCB rules and regulations.
      Gives the schedule for garbage and trash pickup.
      Asks who should oversee handling house damage when the owner is away.
      Asks who should be on the authorized list of visitors.
      Asks whom security should contact if the person becomes very ill.

  • JLPOA & Village Bylaws - Nils Kindwall reported that the POA has been working to change its bylaws to allow spouses of owners to be directors. Nils distributed a copy of the proposed change for Barrow Island which includes spouses as well as handling ownership by a corporation, trust, partnership, or other legal entity. The POA expects their version to include a "spousal equivalent."

  • Propane - Earl Weeks gave a report on propane purchasing. That report appears at the end of these minutes. The Presidents Council voted unanimously to accept this proposal. Individual pool owners may want to act on this also.

  • Invisible Fence - The question of invisible fences for dogs was discussed. The DCB has no authority over the installation of invisible fences precisely because they are "invisible." They have no effect on the appearance of JL. But installing them is rather pointless because dogs are not allowed to be outside of a house except when on a leash. None of the presidents knew of any invisible fence installed in JL.

  • Next Meeting - Our next meeting will be Friday, January 12, 2001 at 8:00 AM in the Nickaleer Lounge of the Golf Club.

  • Respectfully submitted - Gordon Cook

    Minutes of Presidents Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found by going to http://gcook.com then following the links to Jonathan's Landing and the Presidents Council.

Propane Purchasing - Earl Weeks

At the request of the President's Council in the November meeting, Chuck Woolard and I investigated the possibility of getting a more favorable propane rate for all the villages that have a community pool.

We contacted the four Management Companies and Paul Johnson of the Golf Club. We found that we have been paying $1.03 to $1.30+ per gallon and this was based on the prices from last spring and summer. These prices have gone up for November about 30%.

We contacted the two companies that had the bulk of the business in Jonathan's Landing to find out what they would offer us. We did find out that Thermogas had about 85% of the pool business and Teco had about 15%. They were happy to provide us with their proposal and we have decided to award our business to Thermogas Gas, provided they can give us the service that we feel we are entitled to.

Thermogas Gas will give us a guaranteed price of $.999 per gallon beginning January 1, 2001 until December 31, 2001. They have reduced their labor rate to $39.00 per hour during normal business hours and $58.50 after hours, week-ends and holidays. They have assured us that they will respond to our request for service within 24 hours.

We feel this is a saving of $25,000 to $35,000 for the year. We were also told that the individual pool owners can contact them and they will try to work with them in securing a better rate than they are paying at this time.

We believe this will be beneficial to everyone due to the rising prices of natural gas, heating oil and propane.

Earl Weeks

House Equity Membership

Questions and Answers

Q. Why must we convert to House Equity, can’t I stay a Social Member?

A. Social Memberships will no longer be available after December 31, 2000. The new House Equity membership will make Jonathan’s Landing an all equity Club. You will then have a proportional vote on Club matter and Board Elections.

Q. When does my current Social Membership expire?

A. December 31, 2000.

Q. Explain the $1000 Equity Fee?

A. This is a one-time fee, which is 50% refundable at the time your membership is resold to a new House Equity Member. The equity fee for House Equity Memberships will increase to $3,000 on February 16, 2001.

Q. What are the dues for 2001?

A. The dues for the calendar year of 2001 are $1000 plus tax.

Q. Do we still pay the Food and Beverage Gratuity minimum?

A. Yes, all members pay the Food and Beverage Gratuity minimum. This fee is $300 in gratuity spent during the calendar year of January 1 - December 31, 2001. For single members the fee is $150.

Q. Can I be assessed and if so how much?

A. Assessments if levied will be proportional to the assessment levied on the Golf Equity Members.

The Bylaws Article 12.3 states that Golf Equity Members can be assessed with out a vote of the membership a maximum of $2,500 in any given year. This $2,500 maximum is 5% of the Golf Equity Contribution of $47,000.

Example: 2,500/47,000 = .05

House Equity Members assessment is based on this 5% figure. The maximum assessment for a House Equity member would then be $150.

$3000* X 5% = $150

*House Equity fee as of February 16, 2001.

Q. When I leave the Club, how much do I receive back and how do I obtain the refund?

A. At the time you leave the Club your name would be added to the House Equity Redemption List. Your membership would be sold in the order in which it was received on a first on first sold basis. You would then receive $500 at the time your membership is resold to a new member entering the Club as a House Equity Member.

Q. If I don’t convert to a House Equity member can I play bridge or come to social activities?

A. You would not be able to participate in Club organized bridge events (example: Duplicate Bridge, Bridge Lessons) if you are not a current House Equity Member. You can participate in other non-club-sanctioned events a maximum of 1 time per month as a guest of a current equity member and must register your attendance with the Club office. Attendance at social events would be at a maximum of twice per month and be subject to the policies concerning guests for that particular event.

Q. How do I apply for House Equity Membership?

A. Complete the House Equity Membership Subscription agreement with a minimum deposit of $100. This should be submitted to the Membership Office no later than December 31, 2000 to eliminate an interruption in club privileges.

Q. Who do I call if I have further questions?

A. The Club’s Membership Director, Beth Meister at 561-747-7600 or 1-800-310-1248 if you are calling from out of town.