JL – Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting 1-12-01

  1. New club manager hired.

  2. Upgraded kitchen at JL is online.

  3. New golf course manager hired and JL will manage the courses.

  4. Pond slope issue with Alcoa is near resolution.

  5. This year JL golf course will be redone and a new irrigation system will be installed. The JL club house will also be refurbished. Old Trail club house to get new carpet.

  6. By-Laws were revised.

  7. Marketing Committee produced a net member gain (25) for the first time in 5 years.

  8. Net operating costs were improved $750,000.

  9. Initiated informal meetings with membership.

In summary, 2000 was a good year and JL is back on track to becoming one of the outstanding communities in the area.

  1. Jonathan’s Landing Realty, Inc. – The income derived from Jonathan’s Landing Realty YTD through December 31st totaled $99,118.56. The budgeted income was $90,000, for a positive variance of $9,188.56.

A color proof of the new marketing brochure that Illustrated Properties is putting together for JL Realty, has been reviewed by the JL Realty Board. When completed, it promises to be a very effective marketing tool for the company.

  1. The Holiday Fund – Contributions to the Holiday Fund totaled $22,185, which was distributed to the JL Security and JL Cable staffs on 12/22/00. Disbursements were based on longevity of service.

3) South Rec Lights – Timers have been installed on the restroom lights at the South Rec building. A resident complained the lights were sometimes left on in the evenings.

4) Flagpoles – Flagcraft, Inc. the company that will be installing the flagpoles at the South and the North gates, has begun the permitting process with the County.


5) Resident Handbooks – The Resident Handbook insert pages (the text) has been priced and can be done for a cost of $3,600. This is for 750 copies of the front page, the map insert and 18 pages of text. It was suggested at the last JLPOA BOD meeting to use part of the mulch credit owed to JLPOA to cover this cost. This should be discussed and approved at the meeting on 1/12/01.

  1. Alarm Permit Update – Gelfand’s office has been in touch with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department, in regard to their requiring the registration of the security alarms within JL. Gelfand’s office has requested a printout from the Sheriff’s Department that will show the number of times they have responded to a false alarm within JL. Bob Shea will provide information regarding the number of alarms JL Security responds to, with the intention of proving that the Sheriff’s Department is called (by JL Security) only in times of suspected intrusions.

  1. Indiantown Light – The DOT has been apprised of the back up of traffic at

the light on Indiantown Road when the bridge goes up and traffic is halted. As they will not consider a turn lane into JL (due to easements and available area), they have been asked to investigate the great potential for an accident caused by this light and the back-up it creates at the western entry into the Shoppes at Jonathan’s Landing parking lot.

  1. South Rec Park Benches – Two park benches are slated for installation at the South Rec area near the playground equipment. One will be in the sun and one in the shade overlooking the water. Several styles and types of materials at varying prices are available and will be presented at the meeting.

  1. Budget -- In the year 2000 the budget balanced. Because of escalating security costs, the 2001 assessment with be increased $5.00/month.

  1. JL Cable is investigating high speed Internet access.

  1. PropaneThermo Gas continues to have management problems at their Jupiter office. Terry Brown has been replaced and a new manager is being transferred in. The $.99/gallon will be honored in spite of escalating propane costs.

  1. Invisible Dog FencesIn most village documents, under “Pets”, there is a

sentence that precludes a pet leaving the “residence without a leash and in the custody of a person.”


“Any vessel owner keeping a vessel docked at a private residential dock in Jonathan’s Landing shall provide proof of ownership and a certificate of insurance, in the minimum amount of $500,000.00 bodily injury/property damage, to the board of directors of his neighborhood association annually.”

In the interests of practicality, it is suggested that the above noted paragraph be revised to read as follows:

“ Any vessel owner keeping a vessel docked at a private residential dock in Jonathan’s Landing shall provide proof of ownership and proof of insurance on said vessel, in the minimum amount of $500,000.00 bodily injury/property damage, to the Board of Directors of the JLPOA in the form of a signed communication certifying that such ownership and insurance is in effect and will be continued, so long as the vessel is at the owner’s dock.”

This proposal was accepted and residents will be informed officially by the POA.

Minutes of Presidents Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found by going to http://gcook.com then following the links to Jonathan’s Landing and the Presidents Council.