JL – Presidents

Presidents Council Meeting 4-13-01

Kinwald talked about the importance of developing a partnership between the DCB and village Presidents. Highlights of those remarks are:

There are 1200 homes in JL. The DCB reviews over 250 requests for change each year. This level of activity provides ample opportunity to change the character of JL for better or worse. Evidence of this potential can be seen with recent construction at Old Trail, where the DCB has no control and is not welcome.

Most of the requests are approved. If rejected, the resident is given our written rationale and provided an open door for appeal.

If approved the project is assigned to a DCB member for on-site follow up and monthly status reports until the project is completed.

Despite our best efforts, there are, every year, a few unhappy residents who were directly involved in the process and a pool resident who had received incorrect information that reflects negatively on the DCB. This may be due in part to our emphasis on doing the job rather than communicating what we do and why ie: public relations.

We want to improve the perception the residents have of the DCB and we need your help. We want a partnership with the Presidents. As a start to improve communications we have a packet (hand out) that will help you administer the new approval process. We also ask that each of you plan to attend one DCB meeting in the next year to see firsthand what we do and how we do it.

We want the resident to have confidence in the DCB and feel that 250 decisions are made yearly that improve the residential appeal of JL.

Any suggestions you have to improve our performance would be appreciated.

Ed Witt suggested that the owners be given the name of the DCB member assigned to their project. It was agreed this could and will be done in the project approval letter.


Beth Meister reviewed marketing and membership highlights. A copy of her remarks

are attached.

Chairman Gordon Cook

Vice-Chairman Chuck Woolard

Secretary/Treasurer Lou Watson.

His proposal was unanimously accepted.

Minutes of Presidents Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found by going to http://gcook.com then following the links to Jonathan’s Landing and the Presidents Council.

Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club

Marketing and Membership Presentation

JL President’s Council

Friday, April 13, 2001

Beth Meister, Membership Director presented the following:

The Club will increase the equity contribution for golf members as of May 1, 2001. The $2,000 capital contribution will be added to equity and become 80% refundable. There will also be a $4,000 non-refundable initiation fee as of May 1. All memberships applied for prior to May 1 will beat the $4,000 fee but must activate prior to November 1, 2001.

Call Beth to sponsor your friends to membership.

Due to the low number of units for sale in JL, the Club will continue on its quest to attract more non-resident members. We are working with many upscale neighborhoods and new condominiums like Jupiter Ocean Grande and the Ocean Royale. We have already gotten 1 from each of the new condos. We will continue to attract more of them to membership.

In an effort to accurately reflect the sales we will no report golf equity sales in three categories: 1. Transfers of real estate that do not affect the list 2. Those sales that take a name of the list and 3. Associate memberships, as they do not take a name off the list until they are paid in full.

The Club has sold all 25 allotted Associate Memberships and will petition the board for additional memberships at the next meeting.

The Club now has a written Membership Approval Process. The details will be in the next Club Bulletin.

During a planning session for long range marketing the following age analysis was done:

Golf Equity Members average age 67

Tennis Equity Members 71

House/Social Members 74

The important statistic is that of the last 107 golf equity members the average age is 59 years old. This will continue as we attract a constant flow of younger members.

During the renovation and reconstruction period at JL the Club will embark on a thorough PR campaign to gain free press to get to the word out about JL. A golf tournament is planned in September for local media and a gala grand opening of the golf course on December 1. We will continue this PR campaign after renovations are complete.

There are currently 100 names on the list awaiting redemption of their memberships.