NOVEMBER 16, 2001

OPENING REMARKS: Chairman Gordon Cook opened the meeting at 8:00 AM. The minutes of the April 13, 2001 meeting were approved.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Lou Watson reported that all villages were represented with the exception of Bay Head.

There is $1981 in the account and this should carry us through the year.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Paul Moore discussed the present problem with the property owners in approximately 16 villages. When the golf club renovation was begun, it was discovered that the golf club owned extensive property that was thought to belong to the homeowners and the association, sometimes inside the actual walls of those homes. The golf club is making its final offer to give quit claim deeds to the people involved but to date have only had two people settle. They will not make the offer again. Apparently the problem rests with the costs involved and the golf club has made it clear that they will bear none of them and that the financial responsibility rests with the owners and associations involved. A committee was formed of the president's council and chaired by Jack Moffat (745-6439) to attempt to find a resolution to the problem.

The money received from Alcoa in settlement of the slope problem remains in an account drawing interest.

All projects are within budget.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall reported the JLPOA is considering new signs for the outside with revised landscaping and lighting. There will be a new flagpole at the Central Gate and larger flags will be purchased.

A fruit tree in JL has been discovered with tristeza. If you have any problems with your citrus trees a pamphlet and other information is available at DMI.

Fish and Bubblers have been added to our ponds.

The golf course will be using more gray water and therefore less lake water. This means we will have to buy less water and will save money.

The repair of the bridges is underway. Apparently we had cracks that are now being repaired. The cost will be $80,000 this year, $78,000 next year and $32,000 the third year.

A reminder to all associations to anchor down all Xmas decorations well since some were stolen last year.

The real estate office will cease to exist at the end of the year because we had no commercial designated areas in Jl. Therefore we could not house an office on campus. An agreement has been reached with Illustrated properties to provide the same services from off campus.

Glenn Fetter presented a new form from the DCB along with a list of items that must go through them. Basically all exterior modifications must go through them with the exception of individual homeowners making landscaping changes that are not major in extent. Original colors and house records for some of the associations are present at DMI.

Mort Siegel presented information of the proper way to fly or display a flag. A few of the pertinent items:

A resolution establishing guidelines for displaying the flag in JL was presented and passed with three dissenting votes.

PROPANE UPDATE: Chuck Wollard made a presentation regarding the contract with Thermogas. Last year they changed hands and service suffered. It seems to have improved so a new contract will be negotiated. The price negotiated will apply to individual homeowners as well as the association.

SECURITY: Polish Gypsies have been working the Jupiter Area. They are professional thieves and generally work in twos. They will get into a gated community by tailgating the car in front. They have made eight unsuccessful attempts to get into JL. If you see a car very close behind you on coming through the gate, slow down so the gate can get down behind you.

NEXT MEETING: December 14, 8AM

Respectfully submitted: Louis L Watson