December 14, 2001

OPENING REMARKS: Chairman Gordon Cook opened the meeting at 8:00 AM. The minutes of the November 16 meeting were approved.

SPECIAL RESOLUTION: A resolution was passed that any new business not on the agenda will not be voted upon until the next meeting. This is to give everyone time to think through the issue before voting.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Lou Watson reported that all villages were represented with the exception of Bay Head, Longshore and Windward Village.

There is $1700 in the account and this should carry us through the year. The rent for the room is paid for the year

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Beth Meister presented a report from the marketing committee. There were 44 new members last year for a net plus 3. There will be 715 members as of the first of the year including associate members. At the present time there are 38 lots for sale (vs. average 20 before). At the same time we are working to get non-resident members to become interested in joining the club, there is also going to be an effort to recruit JL homeowners who are not now members to join the golf club. To help this there will be village evenings at the club (on Thursdays) and one village will be invited each week so that the non-members can see and feel the new facility. The presidents of the villages will be contacted to organize this. A reminder: The non-refundable part of the initiation feel goes from $4000 to $14,000 on April first so if you know someone who is going to join, remind them of this fact.

It was brought up that there is potential danger and liability on the 18th hole of damaging cars and it was the feeling that this should be taken up at the next meeting.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall reported the JLPOA nominating committee has been named and will meet in early Jan. The committee consists of Gordon Cook, Lou Watson, Sam Hughes, Joan Day, Art Howard, Allen Harrison and Mary Jo Van Beuren. There will be two members elected. If you wish to run for the POA, contact any of the members or DMI to get your name on the list.

There is a possibility that we can keep the real estate office for two more years, but this has to be voted by the County Commission. There was a meeting of a committee that seemed to be somewhat receptive to the community position. There were two negative presentations from realtors that frequent JL. The POA continues to get significant income from real estate sales and hopes to be able to keep the office at JL.

The budget for 2002 was discussed. Nils pointed out that there has been some depletion of the capital fund over the last couple of years and it is now in the $300,000 range in the context of total assets around $3,500,000. This will be solved by a $5 per month increase in dues earmarked exclusively for the capital fund. The capital fund is used to repair and replace items as bridges, irrigation systems, and landscaping. The POA feels that expenses are under control at this point. Because the JL Golf club is using gray water, it will use less lake water. At the present time the POA is using very expensive Jupiter water, but will now be able to use some from the lakes at considerable savings. Three water-pumping stations will be installed and they will expect to recover the costs in two years and then be ahead.

PROPANE UPDATE: The Thermogas situation has greatly improved. They will now have 24 hour, seven-day service. During the last year we paid 0.999 for propane. Under the new yearly contract, we will pay 17 cents over wholesale. At this time that is .6037 cents. It was the feeling of the president's council that this was the best way to handle the contract. All private pools will continue to get propane at .999 cents.

SECURITY: There has been only one attempt by the Polish Gypsies this month and that was not successful. There were no house invasions. There will be continuing efforts to improve our control of who is allowed on the property.

NEXT MEETING: January 11, 2002 8AM

Respectfully submitted: Louis L Watson