January 11, 2001

OPENING REMARKS: Chairman Gordon Cook opened the meeting at 8:00 AM. The minutes of the December 14 meeting were approved.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Lou Watson reported that all villages were represented with the exception of Bay Head.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Paul Moore reported that the golf club house renovations, the irrigation system and the golf course at JL are all completed. The ferry is still having some problems, but they are being addressed. The committee for boundary disputes continues to operate and will meet Jan 23. The 18th hole is now a permanent par four and new course cards are being prepared.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall reported the JLPOA nominating committee has been formed and is operational. The realty company has been approved by the county for a one year extension of their office in the clubhouse, while they had been hoping for two years. They will continue to work on getting a permanent solution. The larger flags are now up, but the new flagpole for the central gate is backordered. The POA is on budget for 2001. A new problem will be discussed at the next POA meeting. Some homeowners are feeding waterfowl and attracting rats as well as other problems. It was noted that bird feeders also attract rats. Solutions will be considered at the meeting.

It was pointed out that the POA has a joint marketing committee with the JL Golf Club and that they do an excellent job of promoting our facility in the North as well as locally.

Discussion was held regarding the recent resignation of Bob Shea and the hiring of John Wagner. Further all security personal have been placed into a large leasing company in order to save money on benefits. They will still work for JL, however.

Glen Fetter reminded all of us that the DCB is responsible for any external changes and must pass on them. There are only 5 lots left for new homes, but they anticipate a number of additions.

SECURITY: John Wagner was introduced by Mort Siegel and made an excellent presentation. His detailed report is posted as part of this report but there have been some break-ins here and he reminded all of us to be cognizant of our surroundings, to use our alarms and to lock our doors. There are some security problems from renters because private deals are made and no one notifies security that there are renters. Some discussion was held regarding problems in Bay Towne.

JL REALTY: Bernie Campbell presented statistics regarding sales. There are presently 29 properties for sale. There has been a progressive decrease in units sold in the last three years: 120, 101 and 68 last year. This serves to keep property values up. JL Realty sold 29 of the 68 properties. This produced $100,000 of income to the JLPOA which offsets all of our dues. There are 24 different real estate companies involved in sales at JL, but only JL Realty contributes to our POA.

NEXT MEETING: February 08 , 2002 8AM

Respectfully submitted: Louis L Watson

Jonathan's Landing President's Council

Security Directors Report January 11, 2002


John Wagner entered on duty as Jonathan's Landing Security Director on January 2, 2002. He has been a resident of Jupiter, Florida with his wife Sasha and two children since 1990. Mr. Wagner retired after a 30 year career with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and its predecessor agencies as Resident Agent-in-Charge of the West Palm Beach DEA office in1997. Before beginning his career with DEA, Mr. Wagner attended and graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois and later served honorably as a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army.

After retirement Mr. Wagner obtained his private investigators license and on a part-time basis he has conducted investigations with a nexus to medical fraud. He also conducts contract "top-secret " background investigations for the DEA on part-time basis.

Items of Interest

GENERAL - The Holiday season at Jonathan's Landing (JL) and in particular during the latter part of December and into the beginning of January 2002 have not generated increases in reported incidents as one would expect. Of interest to those who recall last year's rash of holiday decoration thefts: There were no losses reported this year; hopefully due to a sense of heighten alertness by the security staff.

INCIDENT - December 27, 2001 - A resident reported to a responding Security Supervisor that she had been struck in the chest by a piece of palm frond that had apparently fallen from a nearby tree as she walked to her mailbox. She sustained minor injuries.

INCIDENT - January 1, 2002 - A resident required 911 assistance and was subsequently transported by EMS to the Jupiter Hospital. The subject stated that he had become "light headed" which caused him to fall. Doctors attributed the episode to an allergic reaction to prescribed medications. The responding Security supervisor was later commended by the family for his assistance while they waiting for the EMS to arrive. The victim is reportedly back to normal.

INCIDENT - January 7, 2002 - During an early evening dinner, a resident and his wife were interrupted to strange sounds coming from the second floor of their residence. They turned on additional lights in the house, which apparently flushed a burglar from the second floor to an outside deck where he then jumped to the ground. They could only ascertain that the burglar was male and that he was wearing a dark knit skullcap and dark clothing. Security was alerted and 911 was called. The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office (PBSO) responded immediately with marked units and shortly thereafter with an aviation unit. The Jupiter Police Department assisted with perimeter containment. Both JL Security units and PBSO then searched the area with negative results. A possible suspect on a bicycle was observed in the vicinity but subsequently lost from view. Later comparisons of clothing determined that our suspicions regarding this individual where probably unfounded.

A quick inventory by the victims revealed that jewelry valued at approximately $850.00 was missing from an upstairs bedroom.

The PBSO collected evidence at the scene for latent fingerprint analysis. A resident in the vincity reported to PBSO that an unidentified individual had been seen walking in northeast direction from the home. PBSO will attempt to develop that lead.

INCIDENT - January 9, 2002 - A resident living across the golf fairway from the residence that was burglarized on January 7, 2002 discovered that they too had been the victim of a robbery when jewelry valued at approximately $2,100.00 was discovered missing. Responding JL Security and PBSO Deputies surmise that the two burglaries were performed by the same thief. The home, which had recently been renovated, had been left unlocked while the owners were away at a movie. The security system had not been re-installed. PBSO also collected latent fingerprint evidence for identification.

INCIDENT - January 10, 2002 - A third resident reported to Security that there had been a robbery and that it must have occurred between January 6, 2002 and the evening of the January 9th. A watch valued at $350.00 that was last worn on January 6th had been discovered missing as well as a carton of cigarettes. No other valuables were disturbed in the residence which is located a short distance way from the January 7th robbery. JL Security is processing the complaint.

Investigation continues. Information from various local law enforcement entities indicates that the "Method of Operation" matches those of a gang operating in Broward County and currently being monitored by FDLE. The gang has been given the Operation name " Dinnerset". The thefts have usually occurred while the victims were sitting down to dinner or soon after they left to go out to dinner.

Security is now coordinating with Golf Club operations so that periodic security patrols can access the fairways fully. Outside perimeter patrols will increase the frequency of passes around the property to heighten visible security to the criminal observer.

Initial Impressions and Observations

JL Security is staffed with two supervisory personnel. They are experienced professionals who are essential and highly motivated individuals. I am impressed with their observed performance and will depend on their expertise and experience during this transition period.

The individuals assigned to patrol and to the gates are special and are commended for their sustained performance under nothing but time sensitive and stressful situations. When their equipment is functioning properly these men and women keep the traffic moving with alacrity and demeanor.

This of course begs the question: "What happens when the equipment, .e g., the security computer and vehicle bar-code systems become sluggish or go down completely?" Long lines happen! The staff become frustrated because they cannot perform their assigned duties to the high degree of efficiency that they are accustomed to performing. Residents, guests and service personnel are then delayed and inconvenienced

Recommendation: Additional information regarding computer "down time" will be gathered and presented to the POA Security Committee for consideration. Consultations with our computer contractor will be actively pursued to remedy existing system glitches. The Security Committee and I will also continue to examine the quality of the system and identify its strengths and weaknesses so that the appropriate recommendations can be made.

Another area of concern based on information gleaned from staff and HOA members concerns rental property and the lack of conformity in executing rental or lease agreements with required association approvals. There are no standardized forms used by the various communities to document rentals if at all. The Security Office then finds itself in the middle when the renter appears and asks for a security code number and vehicle bar codes. If no formal rental exists, the renters are usually accommodated following verbal or faxed concurrence from the owner, but bypassing individual HOA's.

Recommendation: This issue cannot be resolved during this season but the President's Council should address standard administrative procedures before the beginning of the next rental season.