February 8, 2002

OPENING REMARKS: Chairman Gordon Cook opened the meeting at 8:00 AM. The minutes of the December 14 meeting were approved.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Lou Watson reported that all villages were represented with the exception of Bay Head and Passage Islands.

JL Realty: Bernie Campbell reported that JL Realty not only provides advertising for JL to the community and to other Real Estate Companies, but 15% of the commissions go to the JLPOA. At the present time there are 33 properties for sale with 22 pending.

SPECIAL REPORT: Bob Forbush reported on the status of high-speed Internet access through JL Cable. They continue to look at various options, but they seem to be too expensive or the companies fold. At the present time there is a possibility that some sort of arrangement can be made with Bellsouth to provide cheaper access. Beyond that there is not much light in the tunnel.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Jack Moffat presented some information from the long range planning committee. There will be a good deal of maintenance of buildings not only at Old Trail, but also at JL. The maintenance building here is in bad shape and will have to be replaced. The tees, cart paths and sand traps will be upgraded at Old Trail. The goal is to have the club be in the same shape ten years from now that it is in now. This will be accomplished primarily through increases in the initiation fee to $15,000.

A lengthy discussion was then held about the boundary line issue with the club. The problem is that when the club reconstructed the golf course, it was found that a good deal of golf club property was on land that had been assumed to be the domain of private residences and Village Associations. There were a handful of cases where the line actually went through homes or patios and shrubs. The homes that were involved have all been contacted and offered a quitclaim deed by the golf club providing they produce a legal survey. The remaining issue is with the associations and DOES NOT INVOLVE EXISTING PRIVATE RESIDENCES (other than those already contacted). The club is offering to give a quit claim deed to the associations for the common ground between the out of bounds stakes and private property. This again will require a survey that will cost the associations between $600 and $2500 depending on the amount of frontage to the golf course. The Associations have until May 1 to notify Peter Young that they will obtain a quitclaim deed and then until August First to complete the process. If there is no notification by May 1, the Village Association involved will be deemed to have no interest in obtaining a quitclaim deed and will not be able to obtain one.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall reported the JLPOA nominating committee has selected five candidates and that ballots will be sent out to the homeowners. The meeting will be held March 19th, 2002. The contract has been let for dredging the outlet from JL to the Inland Waterway, the center flagpole is on the way and the work on revising the signs has begun. The POA is financially solid and the dues increase will help the reserves. Discussion was again held about the feeding of waterfowl and the problems it presents to the communities. A potential resolution for the Villages to adopt was discussed, but there were some questions as to the legality and effectiveness. This subject is to be revisited at the next meeting. A further discussion was held about exterminating rodents and the techniques.

Villages were once again encouraged to upgrade their communities for the good of all.

SECURITY: John Wagner discussed the present security problems. Needless to say everyone knows there has been a rash of break-ins at JL with the target jewelry. Please watch for tailgaters at the gates and go through slowly. The mode of operation of the Gypsies is to tailgate another vehicle to get through the gate. Please check your rear view mirror and be aware of what is going on when you enter JL. The bottom denominator in all these break-ins is NO ALARM! If we all set our alarms, especially when away, we may be able to stop this. If a window is broken or cut out and there are no motion detectors, the alarm is defeated. So if you have no motion detectors in your home, you might want to get them installed. Information about this can be obtained from JL Cable.

CLOSING REMARKS: You can give blood every 56 days. The next drive is March 4. You can get information from Mary Ann Taranto

NEXT MEETING: March 8, 2002 8AM

Respectfully submitted: Louis L Watson

Security Director's Report - February 8, 2002

Items of Interest

GENERAL -You may have noticed that in addition to the Central Gate, the South Gate has been opened to service and construction vehicles. Current Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm restrictions still apply. This change was deemed appropriate to alleviate congestion at the Central Gate and to reduce travel time within the property by large and unsightly vehicles.

To enhance the efficiency of this change all residents are asked to direct their service personnel and contract companies to the appropriate gate nearest their residence.

INCIDENT - Following last month's President's Council, Jonathan's Landing residents have again suffered burglaries at the hands of individuals unknown.

The first burglary occurred on January 23, 2002 between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm at a home located on the Intracoastal Waterway. Unlike past burglaries the perpetrators in this case smashed a sliding glass patio door leading into the master bedroom to gain entry. Although the residents were out at the time, the alarms had not been set. Loss in jewelry is estimated at $20,000. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene and is investigating.

The most recent and hopefully the last loss occurred at a residence located in the Narrows. The homeowner discovered the loss of approximately $9,000 in jewelry and $15 in cash on January 26, 2002 but stated that the theft could have occurred during daylight hours between January 22nd and the 25th. Although the home had been occupied during those time periods no alarms had been set and the garage door had been left open on one occasion. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office was contacted.

INCIDENT- On January 13, 2002 at about 12:00 noon Jonathan's Landing Security assisted the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and EMS as they responded to a 911 call at Southporte. Sadly, after their arrival and subsequent investigation they determined that the resident had died by a self-inflicted gunshot.

INCIDENT - Again on a sad and equally tragic note: Jonathan's Landing Security was notified on January 25, 2002 that the visiting son of Greens Cay residents had been observed acting in a threatening manner and using abusive language on and near the 12th Fairway. The individual was subsequently approached by Security and cautioned that his behavior was inappropriate and that if it continued the Sheriff's Office would be called. After Security departed, the behavior continued over the next two days allegedly resulting in physical assaults on his two elderly parents. On January 26th the EMS, and later the Sheriff's Office responded to a 911 at the residence. Due to the seriousness of the injuries they found, EMS transported the mother to St. Mary's Hospital in a semi-conscious condition. No charges were filed at that time.

Sometime later during the morning hours of January 27th the father was physically assaulted. He sustained multiple bruises over his body and was treated at the Jupiter Hospital. During this time the son was observing leaving the property through the North Gate. The Sheriff's Office was notified and soon after a Deputy began canvassing near-by bars and liquor stores in an effort to locate the son. In the meantime, probable cause was established and a warrant for the arrest of the son was approved. Later that afternoon Sheriff's Deputies entered the victim's residence where they found the son and made the arrest.

Until such time that full cooperation can be obtained from both parents, the son will be charged with two counts of 3rd degree felony assault on a person 65 years or older and violation of a previous probation. State of Florida indices indicate that four documented assaults on the parents have occurred in the past. A daughter who lives out of state has traveled to Jupiter to look after her parents and has reported that a "Restraining Order" and a "No Contact" decree will be obtained from the courts. The son's name has been removed from Security's list of approved friends and relatives. The current medical condition of the parents is unknown.


Last week BallenIsles and PGA National each experienced morning burglaries that triggered home alarm systems causing the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department to saturate the area with units. Minutes later two notorious and well-documented members of the Gypsy Gang were arrested. Recent information received from local law enforcement entities indicates that when one team is arrested, another Gypsy Gang team often returns to the same area and commits additional burglaries. JL Security will be in contact with local police agencies to monitor future developments

Remember: This gang uses the tactic of tailgating residents and other authorized vehicles into the community utilizing rental vehicles. Once inside they choose a home and then make entry through rear sliding glass patio doors. They select small valuable items and are gone in minutes. Fortunately, the residents in BallenIsles and PGA National utilized their alarm systems! Please be alert for tailgaters!

Security Enhancements

A recently purchased golf cart will soon be operational and added to our daytime patrols. The use of the golf cart as well as foot patrols from it will allow for closer scrutiny in more inaccessible areas. The nighttime golf cart patrols of select golf fairways will continue as before.

JL Security is maintaining liaison with "Safe Net" (Directors of Security and Local Law Enforcement Personnel) members to exchange and share information pertinent to the safety and welfare of our communities.

JL Security is actively working with the JLPOA Security Committee to review and assess additional methods of continuing and improving our security. Many of these methods are basic, but important reminders to the homeowner, while others are proposed enhancements that Security is considering and are further explained in a January 30, 2002 letter to all residents from Nils Kindwall, President of the JLPOA Board of Directors.

JL Security is also maintaining liaison with Florida Marine/Fish and Wildlife Division personnel located at the JL Marina. At present their unofficial policy during nighttime hours is to invite non-Jonathan's Landing boats back to Intracoastal waters and of course to be observant for unusual activities in and around our waterways.

Another issue that Security is addressing will be the development of a unique but standardized Gate Pass form that will be made available to management companies servicing Jonathan's Landing and its residents. Present arrangements allow each management company to generate, duplicate and distribute gate passes as needed to their employees and/or subcontractors at will. This practice has great potential for abuse and will be corrected as soon as possible.

Security Computer Program Issues

Yesterday afternoon, Randy Wallin, a computer consultant for our computer security system made a presentation to JL Security members that described how the present system should be upgraded. An element of that presentation was favorably received concerning the installation of "fast access" communication lines between our various workstations. A contract will be prepared shortly and the installation completed in about 30 days. With these lines our gate personnel will be able to process visitors much more efficiently.

Administrative Issues

Last month I documented several HOA concerns regarding rental property and the lack of conformity in obtaining mandatory HOA approvals for these rentals. This is an issue that should be addressed by all the associations so that a formal, standardized procedure can be developed and established to insure appropriate compliance by homeowners.

All residents are reminded to notify Security and update their computer file to designate those individuals permitted to access their residence on a permanent basis, e.g., service personnel, maids, vehicle or home inspection people, family and friends or listing Realtor (with expiration date of listing). It should be emphasized that you will be providing these people with on-going access to Jonathan's Landing while their names are in your file. It is equally important that homeowners remove these individuals from the list when they have completed their services. Call Security at 747-2800 and have your computer files updated. Help keep unauthorized individuals from accessing Jonathan's Landing!