March 8, 2002


1.Avoid Fuel Spills when fueling your boat at your dock.

2. Do not empty your boat head in our waters.

OPENING REMARKS: Gordon Cook opened the meeting at

8:00 AM. The minutes of the January 11 meeting were approved. New Presidents were introduced.

RESOLUTION: The following resolution was passed: "The President's Council agrees with the JLPOA that the feeding of waterfowl within JL should be prohibited. Individual Villages are urged to adopt and enforce this prohibition."

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Lou Watson reported that all villages were represented with the exception of Bay Head, Bridgegate, Casseeky Island, Hidden Cove, Shearwater and Waterbend. The bank account has $1640.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Paul Moore reported that the Membership and Marketing Committee has been busy. There are 5 new members this year with 16 deposits on hand. The total of golf equity members is 714 with 108 tennis equity and 147 house equity. Membership spending at the clubhouse is up substantially from last year. The golf membership will be capped at 750 members. The list is at its lowest level since 1999 with about 1½ years wait.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall discussed the issue of salt water pollution. There are problems in Jl with fuel s[pills and head discharges into the water. The problems rests with some or all of the following: dockaminium owners, Marina or individual boat owners. All owners are encouraged to take care with fuel spills and under no circumstances to discharge heads into the salt water.

The dredging at the outlet from JL is completed, but there are still some shallow areas and so they will be coming back to dredge more.

Jupiter water has approved our new fresh water system.

It was announced that the times of the POA meetings will not change and there was no opposition from the floor.

Discussion was held about various aspects of the bar code. Enforcement of rental agreement process was left to each individual village.


The nominating committee for the Presidents Council Officers has been appointed and will consist of: Arline Butterworth, Don Foley and Constant Imming.

SECURITY: John Wagner discussed security issues. There have been no more major break-ins, but there have been a couple of incidents of stolen or disappearing items. These are being investigated. The new golf cart patrols have been instituted.

The radar guns are being used and speeders stopped. Please observe our speed limits.

HIGH SPEED INTERNET: Gordon Cook discussed the history and problems associated with broadband. The bottom line is that the systems are very expensive to set up and are outmoded rapidly. Therefore at present it is not feasible for JL to embark providing this service, although there is continuing research into future options. At the present time the best option for high-speed internet connection is through DSL. There may be an opportunity in the future to use fiber optic cable connections to each home.

NEXT MEETING: April 12, 2002 8AM

Respectfully submitted: Louis L Watson

Security Director's Report - March 8, 2002

Items of Interest

General reminder that the South Gate, in addition to the Central Gate, is now open to service and construction vehicles. By directing service personnel to the gate closest their work location, residents can help reduce the north-south traffic on Casseekee Island Road.

Security Officer of the Quarter has been awarded to Bob Rivenbark. Bob is easily recognized as the steward of the South Gate during the daytime hours. His knowledge of the job and wherewithal blends smoothly with his positive attitude, friendly wave and efficient management of the gate. It is because of these fine qualities and dedication to duty that he is being recognized with a gift certificate to his favorite store - Home Depot! Next time through the South Gate give him a "thumbs up".

Since the last President's Council meeting, criminal activity at Jonathan's Landing has slowed appreciably but it has not stopped. With the capture of two of the Gypsy burglars last month, many residents are breathing easier, but local law enforcement authorities caution that the potential threat from additional gang members remains high. Residents are reminded to take the simple precaution of activating your alarm systems when leaving your residence.

INCIDENT - During the previous reporting period Jonathan's Landing experienced five burglaries in which there was either forced entry or intruder entry through an open door.

Since that time there have been two reported thefts of jewelry from homes. One incident involved a watch valued at $1,800 that was discovered missing by the owner after returning home from an extended stay out of town. Service personnel had been in the residence.

The other theft allegedly occurred while the resident was receiving delivery of a large screen television and had momentarily left two deliverymen unattended in the kitchen. Upon their departure and about 6 hours later, a ring valued at$13,000 was discovered missing from the kitchen counter. A watch and two other rings were left untouched. Palm Beach Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Security Program Upgrades

Communication between our gate house computer stations is being upgraded with the installation of "fast access" lines. This work should be completed within the next seven to ten days and will result in a noticeable increase in guard efficiency at the gates. Recent vehicle bar code difficulties should also be alleviated.

Training of a newly hired security officer is almost complete. Our recently purchased golf cart will then be added as a permanent daytime patrol to allow us to maintain a more visible presence in the community.

The new golf cart patrol will also assist other patrol officers in manning our radar speed devices. During the past week six drivers were cited for speeding 15 to 20 mph over the posted limit on Captain Kirle Drive and Casseekee Island Road. Radar speed controls will be a regularly observed activity during the coming months. To avoid the potential for tragedy, please observe the posted speed limits and reinforce those limits with your invited guests and service personnel.