April 12, 2002

OPENING REMARKS: Gordon Cook opened the meeting at

8:00 AM. The minutes of the March meeting were approved. New Presidents were introduced.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The nominating committee report was made by Don Foley. Chuck Woolard was nominated as president, Lou Watson as Vice President and Roy Hartman as Secretary-Treasurer. The nominees were elected by unanimous consent.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Lou Watson reported that all villages were represented with the exception of Baytowne and Riverwind. The bank account has $1540.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Paul Moore reported that the following villages have accepted the Golf Club common area buffer zone proposal: Port Dickinson, Traders Crossing, Hidden Cove, Crosswinds, Windrift and Waterbend. Greens Cay declined the offer. The membership drive has brought in 59 new members, which relates to 750 dues paying equivalents. The average age of the club is now 64. It is anticipated that the by-law changes will be finished by years end.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall discussed the problem of declining water levels in our lakes. Because of lack of rain we cannot get enough gray water and therefore have to use the lakes. If the rain does not pick up, it may be necessary to institute conservation methods soon.

The second dredging of the inlet is finished but problems remain and will be watched.

The real estate office remains up in the air. There will be a meeting next month to deal with language.

We continue to have some problems with vermin. Owners are cautioned to pick up fallen fruit as it attracts unpleasant characters. Also don't throw fruit into our lakes. Another suggestion was to make certain that the mowers mow the last 6 feet by the lakes so the clippings are driven away from the lake.

Residents are reminded that there is a disposal station at the corner of Donald Ross and Military Trail where you can get rid of paint, oil etc. Don't put into the garbage.

Glen Fetter discussed the minimum hurricane standards and there was a detailed handout for each president.

JL REALTY: Claire Wright reported statistics for JL. There were 65 units sold in 2001. So far in 2002 there have been 24 sales with 33 pending for a total of 59. $90,000 was given to the POA in 2001.

SECURITY: John Wagner discussed security issues. There have been 2 more break-ins. These seem to have occurred when the residents were home so be sure to lock your doors at all times. Report any suspicious activity to Security

NEW BUSINESS: A discussion was held regarding residents behind on dues. It was concluded that if kind requests do not work, the only recourse is a lien and foreclosure. Fortunately the problem seems to be in only a few communities.

NEXT MEETING: November 8, 2002 8AM

Respectfully submitted: Louis L Watson

Jonathan's Landing President's Council Director of Security - April 12, 2002

Items Interest

Jonathan's Landing is especially busy this time of year and particularly on our roads and pathways. Residents and guests are reminded to exercise extreme caution while driving in and around the property and especially while coming and going from the gatehouses.

Many of the visiting guests with children are new to Jonathan's Landing and unfamiliar with golf cart operational requirements. All operators should be properly instructed by their resident hosts of the hazards present and in the proper operation of the carts. Jonathan's Landing requires that golf cart operators to be 16 years of age or older.


On Friday evening, April 29th there were two reported incidents of burglary. The first occurred at an occupied home in the Narrows. Although the burglar failed to steal any property at the time, entry was made into the home through an unlocked bedroom window adjoining the screened patio. After entry the homeowners or something alerted the burglar who fled through the window smashing a plastic patio chair as he exited.and disappeared into the night. Security responded immediately as well as the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office who searched the area with negative results. It was subsequently learned that the screen had probably been removed from the window earlier in the day and prior to time of entry because it was no where to be found. Further, landscape lights located between the victim's home and the adjoining home had been disconnected to cover the burglar's coming and going.

The next burglary, thought by the owner to have occurred on Friday evening, was the theft of a purse that was located in the kitchen of a single-family residence. While the family entertained on the patio, the owner surmised that a person or persons unknown entered through the unlocked front door of the home and took the purse, which contained some credit cards and a small amount of cash. The owner did not discover the purse missing until the next evening.

Jonathan's Landing Security patrols are on heighten alertness during this busy season and have been instructed to concentrate their visible presence where service activities are ongoing and on property contiguous to the golf fairways. Residents are reminded to report to Security any suspicious or unusual activity occurring between and behind neighboring residences. Do you know the address of the neighbor directly behind you?

Security Programs

The contractor installing fast access telephone lines for our security software system has been delayed waiting for Bell South to complete their part of the work. Resumption of work will begin on April 20th.

Security Gate officers are presently training a newly hired guard that will be placed on the midnight shift after completion of training as well as a new dispatcher for the North Gate.