November 8, 2002

OPENING REMARKS: Chuck Woolard called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. The minutes of the April 12, 2002 meeting were approved. All village presidents were introduced. We were referred to our website: ..

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer reported 24 of 27 villages were represented. Those villages not represented were Bay Head, Crosswind and Waterbend. Our bank account as of October 2, 2002 was $1502.47

JLGC ACTIVITES: Duane Beldon reported for Paul Moore.

The by-laws, rules and regulations have been revised and brought up to date.

Point of sale software has been installed for all golf, tennis and restaurant operations.

The restrooms and locker rooms have been updated/Additional tree plantings made.

Our lake levels are down again, some places critically. Two replenishment wells are being studied. Hydrologists from SFWMA are working with us. This will enable us to reclaim our own water used for irrigation and rain water.

Tennis courts #7-#10 have been renovated, allowing for fencing between each court. New lighting and landscaping have been installed.

JLPOA ACTIVITES: Bob Forbush reported as follows:

Gate upgrades- New plantings, improved lighting and signage repainted.

Roads, bridges and promenades-Engineering studies completed and are being evaluated by the board. Bridge work is almost finished. The promenades have been leveled where tree roots caused lifting. Tree roots were pruned.

Irrigation and water-Our 20-year old irrigation system is being converted to a modern electrical-controlled system. We are working with the Town of Jupiter to allow us to use more well water and less town water for saving money and resources.

Finances-Revenues and spending are on budget for the year to date. The original 6 year contract with DMI expires at the end of this year. Discussions have been held with various management companies.

Cable-We are interviewing alternate suppliers for our cable operation. We have an excellent proposal from EchoStar, a major supplier of satellite-based television transmission services. This would update our 20-year old system at no cost to JL (estimated to be a $500,000 input), provide more channels for viewing and maintain the integrity of our cable-based in-home security system. There is a good possibility of incorporating a cable-based high speed internet access at a significantly lower cost than DSL service from BellSouth. A decision should be made by the board within a month, with implementation early in 2003 if we go forward with it

Mort Siegel reported on three items concerning our security.

1. Be sure to theft-proof all holiday decorations.

2. All marina members will use a bar code for entrance to JL property. Windshield stickers will not be used after January 1, 2003

3.The POA has a long range plan to install security cameras at all gates.

DESIGN CONTROL BOARD: Glen Fetter- The DCB has the legal responsibility to control all exterior changes to any structure inside JL regarding any additions or subtractions to any structure, including landscaping and painting.

Each village president should inform each resident about the dangers of Ganoderma Disease and what it can do to our queen palms. See attachment.

MEMBERSHIP: Beth Meister - Reported we have 730 equity members.

The second week in January, 2003 will be Renaissance Week with many activites including a Roast & Toast of Fred Harkness for his 25 years at JL

CLOSING REMARKS - Chuck Woolard - Our present format for these meetings seems to serve us well, however, if any village president wishes to make a change in the format, or wants to receive other reports from speakers not on our agenda, please bring this up under "New Business" at any future meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Chuck Woolard reviewed 2 items of general interest.

1, Satellite dishes may not be installed without prior approval by the village board and the DCB.

2. Boat owners-Amendment #14 of JL Covenants&Restrictions provides rules that govern docking of boats. Boat owners should get a copy from their board. Rule #7 requires owners provide annually to their association proof of ownership and insurance minimum $500,000 for bodily injury/property damage.

NEXT MEETING: December 13, 2002 at 8:00 AM

Respectfully submitted: Roy Hartmann - Secretary/Treasurer



NOVEMBER 8, 2002



Just a reminder that both the South and the Central Gates are now open to service and construction vehicles. By directing drivers of these vehicles to the gate closest to your home, traffic along Casseekee Island Road can be substantially reduced and made safer.

During the summer the Golf Club discontinued use of windshield stickers and converted to vehicle bar codes as a convenient means of entry for employees and Members. Old Trail guests who do not have "clickers" may continue to use their windshield stickers pending installation of a new bar code system there.

A similar plan to discontinue Marina issued windshield stickers is still in the negotiating stage and has yet to be implemented. Use of this type sticker has great potential for abuse, because the stickers are not serialized and they are easily transferable. It is anticipated that the Marina's conversion to the bar code system will begin by the first of the year. In the meantime, I will instruct South Gate security personnel to be in a state of heighten alertness and to closely monitor and scrutinize all incoming traffic before allowing entry.

Capital Improvements

Our residential, computer security program is now operational and reliable thanks to the new "fast access lines" that were installed between the gatehouses and the server.

Office of Security has relocated from the Marina to a newly renovated space in the J.L. Cable building just east of the Ninth Tee area. Look for the white awning, stop in, and inspect the new digs!

We have a new security vehicle. During the summer, one of Ford Explorers began showing signs of wear that required increasingly costly repairs and maintenance (The A/C died on the way to the Honda dealership). The decision was made to trade it in on a new model that had been budgeted for 2002. Research showed that the 2002 Honda CRV met all our requirements and at a price comparable to all the leading vehicle types.


Since the last meeting of the President's Council in April, a new dispatcher was hired and subsequently trained to field, sort out and transcribe the multitude of telephone calls security receives everyday. Her name is Allison Akell and she should have been listed under capital improvements because she "hit the pavement running" and has not yet paused for breath. Allison is a valued asset of our team and a great representative of Jonathan's Landing. My congratulations to her for a continuing great performance.

Other great performances that were documented during the summer hiatus were the selections of our second Officer of the Quarter, Bob Lewis and our third selection this year, Frank Deniakis.

Security currently has 25 officers on board.


Between the last reporting period to you in April and today' meeting, there have been three incidents of significance.

May 31, 2002 Incident - At approximately 12:00 noon, Security responded to an intrusion alarm at an unoccupied residence located in Longshore. A quick inspection of the home's perimeter by J.L. Security revealed that a sliding glass patio door had been pried open. Following notification to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, our security officers discovered that the home's security keypad had been ripped from the wall. Responding Sheriff's Deputies cleared the home and dusted for latent fingerprint evidence with negative results. Security later interviewed a neighbor whom remembered seeing an unidentified male walking away from the house. As he crossed the street toward the wall separating Longshore from the church parking lot to the north, he was observed by the witness conversing on a cell telephone.

Several leads were pursued by Security and by PBSO but both met with negative results. In reviewing the case we feel that the burglar had jumped the wall and selected what he thought would be an easy target of opportunity. Upon discovering an activated alarm, he quickly retreated across the wall to a waiting get away car.

July 19, 2002 Incident - At about 12:00 noon Landscape workers notified J.L. Security that there was an ongoing emergency at a residence on Jonathan's Island. The responding security officer to the scene found a hysterical woman on the driveway with duck tape around her head, arms and feet. Responding PBSO Deputies and EMS calmed the woman and treated her injuries that appeared to be superficial. The woman later explained through a PBSO interpreter that she had been inside the residence of her employer cleaning when two unidentified men came to the door and stated they were there to fix the air conditioner. They then forced their way into the home and tied her up with duck tape. She stated that they struck her several times. The men then went into the master bedroom closet where a safe was located and attempted to break into it with a screwdriver. Failing that, they departed empty handed and made good their escape. Luckily, the homeowners were out of town at the time.

PBSO Deputies followed through on several leads but met with negative results. Discussions with the homeowner have indicated that the robbery attempt may have been the result of information unwittingly provided by the housekeeper to several less than desirable former associates.

November 3, 2002 Incident - A resident in Windrift reported to Security that they had discovered a broken window in one of their bathrooms. They stated that they had no idea when it occurred but that there had been an alarm at the house on October 30, 2002 while they had been to out to dinner. Security officers had responded to the alarm, entered the residence and checked the home with negative results. The owners reported that nothing had been taken. Palm Beach Sheriff's Office was notified.

Security Enhancements

Security will be working closely with he JLPOA Security Committee in the near future and will address several proposals that will greatly improve security procedures through our gates.