DECEMBER 13, 2002

OPENING REMARKS; Chuck Woolard, President called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. The minutes of November 8, 2002 were approved.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT; Roy Hartmann reported 24 of 27 villages were present. Those villages not represented were Bay Head, Windward Village and Waterbend. Our treasury has a balance of $1456.34.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Duane Belden reported in the absence of Paul Moore.

A Nominating Committee has been appointed. The members are:

David Nicholson-Chairman - Hampton Corson - Ellen DeMarco

Robert Geary - Lou Watson

Three new members will be elected at the annual meeting on February 11, 2003

The condition of the golf courses is a concern to the Board and many members A ten man committee, the "Golf Course Review Committee" has been appointed. The first meeting is December 16, 2002. The membership will be kept abreast of the committee's progress.


Glen Fetter reported and reminded us again that the Design Control Board has control and jurisdiction over any and all exterior changes to all buildings inside Jonathan's Landing. DCB document 12-02 attached outlines the entire procedure to follow.

Village board meetings called to approve Alterations and Additions Request Forms must be posted in a prominent location 2 to 5 days ahead, in accordance with each village's documents.

Nils Kindwall reported the following are on the JLPOA nominating committee:

Chuck Woolard - Chairman 743-0041 Jack Casey - 746-6972

Steve Frampton - 747-8153 Bob Carey - 745-8168

Bob Beer - 575-0948 Jack Mitchell - 575-5885

Kathy Wunder - 743-1336

Two persons will be elected and one person will be appointed to the board.. Nils Kindwall and Bob Forbush will be candidates.The committee report is due 2/7/03. The election is 3/18/03.

Nils announced no increase in our assessment for 2003, this in spite of necessary higher capital expenditures plus inflation. Our capital reserves will be reviewed in 2003.

The anti-feeding campaign for waterfowl has been a success. The Muscovey (non-native) ducks are being removed. This will permit our native waterfowl to return.

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Our landscaping is looking better all the time. There are more holiday decorations.

The Jonathan's Landing cable system is still under review. Echostar's proposal to us is being studied. The JLPOA board expects to reach a decision very soon.

Tom Ferguson brought up a few questions his board discussed. The Lantern Bay board sent a letter to the JLPOA board, who are answering each item in the letter.

Earl Weeks reported that the propane price structure for 2003 will remain the same as for 2002. For community pools it's the supplier's cost plus $ .17/gallon. For individual pool owners it's cost plus $ .48/gallon. These are delivered prices.


The Jonathan's Landing Marina Club continues to present many problems for all our residents. Not the least of these are noisy, late parties and the way some members or guests of the club comport themselves as they leave and drive through our community. We expect to be able to control entrance to the Marina Club after the first of the year with the use of the bar code system now utilized for our residents. A committee consisting of Nils Kindwall, Bill Goram and Mort Siegel are looking into the legal and security aspects in our relations with the Marina Club.

We wish all a happy holiday season. Our next meeting is January 10, 2003 at 8:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted - Roy Hartmann