JANUARY 10, 2003

OPENING REMARKS: Chuck Woolard called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. The minutes of December 13, 2002 were approved.

SECRETARY/TREASURER’S REPORT: Roy Hartmann reported 24 of 27 villages were present. Those villages not represented were Bay Head, The Harbour and Southporte.

JLGC ACTIVITIES: Duane Belden reported in the absence of Paul Moore. Paul is with his wife in Michigan who had serious surgery January 3 and is now doing well. The Moores plan to return to JL after February 15.

A point was clarified. Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club, Inc. is a private member owned club, that is defined as a “corporation, not for profit”. Therefore board of director meetings are closed and Florida sunshine laws don’t apply.

The contract has been let for the two water replenishment wells at Old Trail. They will both be operative by the end of this month.

The week of January 13, 2003 is the celebration of JLGC’s 25th anniversary. Many events are planned for each day. All members have been notified.

The annual meeting of JLGC is February 11, 2003 at 9:30 AM in the Club House.

Candidates night is January 22, 2003 from 4:00 to 7:00PM.

JLPOA ACTIVITIES: Nils Kindwall indicated that the water situation at JL is good because the rainfall has been adequate. This reduces our need to buy expensive water.

The RR ties along the Casseekey Island Road promenade are no longer available and are being replaced with chemically treated treated timbers.

Plantings on the bridges have enhanced the beauty of our community

Bob Forbush has prepared a letter (attached) answering various questions that were raised regarding the proposed contract with Echo-Star

A letter has been sent to the JL Marina Club informing the club that the new, proposed executive membership category will probably in violation of the agreement with the JLPOA

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Many JL communities are now having their annual meetings. Any village wishing to have a speaker from the JLPOA may do so by contacting Nils Kindwall.

The finances of the JLPOA are sound. The quarterly assessments will remain the same as 2002

John Wagner – Security- Regarding Saturday work by outside contractors. This must be approved first by the respective village board and then by security

The balance of John’s report is attached.

Glenn Fetter – Design Control Board – Because many residents are considering vertical expansion on their homes, it is strongly recommended that the preliminary plans be reviewed by the DCB to insure that various building codes are considered and obeyed.

NEW BUSINESS: David Colclough – Director of Operations explained the reasons for changing some of the phone numbers was financial. 799-numbers are Palm Beach Gardens, 744-numbers are Jupiter.

CLOSING REMARKS: Chuck Woolard reported the nominating committee for the JLPOA will have a total of 5 candidates for two positions on the board. Current members, Nils Kindwall and Bob Forbush have agreed to run again.

It was suggested that the JLGC board consider having a Q and A session of perhaps 30 minutes before each board meeting so that members may have an opportunity to ask questions in various areas concerning the golf course. These questions could be in writing.

Our next meeting is February 14, 2003.

Respectfully submitted – Roy Hartmann – Secretary/Treasurer