Presidents' Council Meeting - 2/14/03

Opening Remarks - Chairman Chuck Woolard called the meeting to order at 8:00 am. The January 10, 2003 minutes were approved.

Secretary/Treasurer's Report - In Roy Hartman's and Lou Watson's absence, Gordon Cook acted as Secretary for this meeting. Gordon reported that the villages not represented were Bay Head, Bridgegate, Casseekey Island, The Harbour and Southporte.

JL Cares - Ken Salka stated that in their search for the "Volunteer of the Year" the board of JL Cares was mostly familiar with Golf Club members. Ken asked the Presidents to pass along names of any other residents of their villages who should be considered for this honor.

JLGC Marketing Report - Bill Thompson, chairman of the marketing committee, explained that the principal job of marketing of JL is to build and develop the JL brand. But even though a JL club membership is highly sought after, the economy has slowed causing potential members to defer joining JL or to look for lower priced alternatives.

In our area new clubs are offering annual memberships for $4,000 including dues. It makes it tempting to delay the $72,000 entry cost at JL for a year or two. But we cannot just ride out the storm. Some 50 to 55 members will resign each year based on actuarial studies and these members need to be replaced.

Beth Meister reported on many details of the marketing program and its results. Her report follows these minutes.

Most new members are recruited by existing members. Those members who just recently joined JLGC are the most active in recruiting their friends. Consequently we especially want new members to be very satisfied with JL. The marketing committee has an active new member satisfaction program. They are working on a variety of ideas to do an even better job of this.

JLGC - Duane Belden reported that JLGC, Inc. is not controlled by the Sunshine law. The Board of Director meetings are closed. The statutes which apply to government proceedings and to homeowners associations, condominiums, etc. do not apply to the golf club.

Duane listed the challenges and opportunities for next year:

Golf courses and marketing - These are related. We need both and the best way to improve marketing is to have great golf courses.

Food and beverage - We have 972 total members. With spouses that's about 1500 people. The challenge to the house committee is to "fill the dining room". Success will be when we need two seatings and it's hard to get a reservation. The Fred Harkness Roast had great food, service and entertainment for over 300 people so we know we can do it.

Tennis - Needs to continue the good work.

We need a sound financial opration.

We need to keep the members informed.

JLGC Golf Course Conditions - Duane reported that the main trouble with the golf courses was that the grass was not growing in the cold weather. On the par 3's which were overseeded with rye, conditions were good. But doing that everywhere would require more expense, machinery and personnel. Because it grows so much faster, it has to be cut 4 times a week.

Greg McGinn reported that in South Florida, Bermuda grass has essentially stopped growing because of the weather. Other more expensive clubs in the area area are having the same problems we are.

JLGC Slopes at Old Trail - Greg reported how many agencies have to give their approval before we can solve the slope problem and lake level problem at Old Trail. Greg had been thinking it would be 5 years before anything will be approved, but the government agencies are considering reducing their requirements from 4:1 slopes to 2:1 slopes. It will take at least a year for the agencies to decide the slope change issue.

Chuck Woolard pointed out that the low lake levels at Old Trail are a result of the low water table out there. The lake levels won't really be raised until the water table is raised by installing a wier in the nearby channel. Greg agreed and said that the wier is years away from approval. In the meantime we can not raise the lake levels by pumping. We're only allowed to pump into the lakes the same amount of water that we remove for irrigation.

JLPOA - Nils Kindwall reported that the JLPOA did better than budget in 2002. They had about a $50,000 profit.

The nominees for the two open positions on the JLPOA board will be:

Bob Forbush (incumbent)

Nils Kindwall (incumbent)

Ted Patsuris (nominated by petition)

There will be a Meet the Candidates event March 3. Check channel 5 for details.

JL Cable - Bob Forbush reported that the cable company has not yet made a decision about changing its operation. They are talking with Adelphia. This change, if it happens, will not affect security or result in the sale of the cable company. It's rather a consideration of buying content (the various TV channels) from a single supplier instead of from 5 or 6 different providers. The objective is to get cheaper rates by consolidating our purchasing. Nothing will be done unless it will result in lower cost and/or improved service.

JL Security - John Wagner gave a report on recent security incidents. Fortunately it was a short report and is attached to these minutes.

Respectfully submitted - Gordon Cook. Minutes of Presidents' Council meetings, a list of village presidents, their e-mail addresses, etc. can be found at

Membership and Marketing Report

President's Council

February 14, 2003

Beth Meister

JL Golf Club started 2003 with 716 golf members, down 2 from 2002. Tennis is at 100 members and Social/House is at 148.

The economy is playing a big part on the slow down of membership. In response, the Board of Directors has approved a 3-year payment plan for the payment of equity and initiation fee. First year costs are currently $72,450 including first year dues compared to competition that is allowing dues only between $4,000 and $4,500. New members can pay $24,000 down with equity payments of $20,500 on the first and second anniversary date of acceptance. Price is a big deterrent to membership at JL at this time.

Committee members have each been assigned a special project to work with me on this season. These will include new member retention, realtors, Jupiter Ocean Grande and Jupiter Yacht Club, Cypress Links exmembers and member referrals.

Summer Golf has been approved by the BOD at $850 and will run May 1 through October 15.

There are currently 42 active real estate listings, 4 pending sales and 6 sold for the year.

Membership has sold 5 memberships with 1 deposit on hand.



FEBRUARY 14, 2003



Excess speed on Jonathan's Landing roads continues to be a major concern. Of particular concern are the vehicles that crest the bridges at excessive speed when approaching the Central and South Gates. Because of the short distance between the top of the bridges and the gatehouse intersections below, there is often little time to avoid the vehicles that are crossing or turning there. Please use extreme caution in these areas.


The wooded area that is located behind Albertson's has once again become a haven for vagrants and the homeless. The Palm Beach Sheriff's Deputies recently removed several individuals from the property and placed them on notice that further violations of trespass will result in their arrest. Jonathan's Landing Security checks these areas on a regular basis.

The North Gate bar code reader was recently rendered inoperative by an incoming resident vehicle. Repairs to the system will hopefully be completed by February 14th.

Security Enhancements

During the next couple of months Security cameras will be installed at each gatehouse. The cameras will be positioned to record each visitor and vehicle processing through the gate. This security tool will greatly enhance the deterrent factor of our gatehouse procedures in addition to providing a pictorial history of recent visitors to Jonathan's Landing.