JL - Presidents

Jonathan's Landing Presidents' Council

Adopted January 9, 1998:

I. Composition

Each Village shall be represented by its President.

II. Purpose

1. To provide a forum for discussion and resolution of common Village problems and to disseminate information to all residents.

2. To sponsor, encourage, and promote Village management in their everyday activities of Village governance.

3. To provide a liaison with the Jonathan's Landing Golf Club Board of Directors.

4. To provide a liaison with the Jonathan's Landing Property Owners' Association Board of Directors.

III. Modus Operandi

1. There will be six meetings per year, November-April. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairman as required.

2. Meetings will ordinarily be held on the second Friday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the JLGC clubhouse (unless an alternate site has been selected).

3. At the March meeting, a nominating committee will be appointed by the Chairman to nominate officers for the coming season. Nominations from the floor may also be accepted.

4. A Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer will be elected at the April meeting for a one-year term starting in May.

5. It is important that each Village be represented at each meeting. If the President is unable to attend, he/she shall appoint another representative as a replacement.

6. A member of the JLPOA Board and/or a member of the JL Golf Club Board may be asked to attend a meeting when common problems are to be discussed.

7. Each Village President is encouraged to make available to every Village resident the content of each meeting of the Presidents' Council.

8. Only issues of overall interest shall be dealt with through the Presidents' Council.

Adopted December 14, 2001:

No major resolution will be put to a vote unless it was included with the published agenda and/or discussed at the previous meeting.