JL - Presidents

Jonathan's Landing Presidents' Council
Historical Overview ('88 - '95)

The Council was formed at the instigation of Bob Hornung, Chet Claudon and Tom Curley on February 5, 1988 by twelve Village Presidents (see attached document). Its purpose was to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of common problems and to provide liaison with the Developer. Officers included a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer. It has met monthly, November to April, since its inception.

It quickly became apparent that preparing for the turnover from the Developer to the property owners of Jonathan's Landing Property Owners Association (JLPOA) and the Golf Club, along with the disposition of the Marina, Cable Television and the Sales Complex, required the attention of some group of property owners. Consequently, in December 1989 a Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) was appointed. Members were as follows:

LRPCChet ClaudonChairman
Don Foley
John Ruchalski

Shortly thereafter, five sub-committees were appointed:

Charles CobbMarina
Don FoleyGolf Equity
John RuchalskiCommunity Service and Annexation
Duke McCallMiscellaneous Acquisitions
Tom CurleyFinance

A word of explanation of the function of each sub-committee:

Marina This is a separate entity which the Developer planned from the beginning to dispose of separately either to Jonathan's Landing residents or an outside firm (it has been sold to an outside firm with scheduled closing January 1995).

Golf Equity In 1989 equity memberships were capped out at 1,050. The Golf Club had roughly 600 equity members. The objectives of the Committee were to induce the Developer to reduce the cap to 900, to work to gain additional equity members, and to review the Golf Club By-Laws.

Community Service and Annexation The Town of Jupiter had been making noises about annexing Jonathan's Landing. In addition, there were proposals that Palm Beach County put a road and bridge over the Intracoastal between Admiral's Cove and Jonathan's Landing. This Committee was to deal with such matters.

Miscellaneous Acquisitions This Committee was to study acquisition of the Sales Complex, the Security System and the Cable TV station.

Finance As the various sub-committees reported their findings with related data, this Committee would assess and coordinate the financial aspects.

LRPC The LRPC dealt with the Developer on matters relating to the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Covenants and Restrictions involved in the turnover of all elements of JLPOA.

By May 1991 the Golf Equity Committee was successful in getting the total equity memberships reduced to 900 maximum.

In late 1991 the JLPOA turnover was scheduled for early 1993. JLPOA comprises Administration, Security and all common property including the infrastructure of roads, bridges, etc. Negotiations to avoid future litigation and to prepare for the assumption of such responsibilities argued for an official representative group, which the Presidents' Council proposed. The Developer agreed to set up an official Transition Committee of eleven persons. Seven were to be chosen from the Presidents' Council LRPC and four other property owners. This Transition Committee (TC) was duly ratified by vote of all Jonathan's Landing residents on November 1, 1991. It was constituted as follows:

FinanceTom Curley, Jim Branagan
LegalCharles Cobb, Chet Claudon
Permits, LicensesJohn Rochalski
Security, Cable TV & Sales ComplexDuke McCall, Don Cates
EngineeringTom Hosea
Property ManagementRobert Wigor
Design Control BoardDon Foley, Tom Hosea
Moderator (Chairman)John Hoff

Inasmuch as all members of LRPC and sub-committees were on the official TC, the LRPC was disbanded in December 1991.

The Transition Committee begain negotiating with Jonathan's Landing, Inc. (the Developer). By March 1993 it had reached agreement on changes in the Articles of Incorporation, Covenants and Restrictions and By-Laws. There were still a number of items on the "punch list" dealing with engineering, infrastructure and water permits to be resolved. The developer was talking of "turnover" in April 1993. This made it necessary to proceed with the the election of a Board of Directors from the residents to operate the JLPOA after turnover. The Board was elected according to the agreed By-Laws on March 31, 1993 and was constituted as follows:

JLPOA Board of Directors

District No. Units Includes Original
1 98 Anchorage, Southporte Tom Birchfield Tom Birchfield
2 154 Waterbend Robert Gray Robert Gray
3 130 West Bay Jan Nichols Jan Nichols
4 110 Trader's Crossing Sidney Kaufman Sidney Kaufman
5 123 Longshore, Bridgegate, Cape Pointe Jim Wilkerson Jim Wilkerson
6 159 Windrift, Narrows, Hidden Cove, Southern Cay Tom Hosea John Garlick
7 133 Riverwind, Shearwater, Cresson Island, Lantern Bay Charles Downham Charles Downham
8 150 Port Dickinson, Passage Island, Casseekey Island, Barrow Island, Jonathan's Island Howard Ternes Donald Barhyte
9 168 Windward Village, Crosswinds, Greens Cay, Baytowne, Bayhead Jack Plisco Robert Banks

Since the documents were not signed as of April 1, 1993, the JLPOA Board had no authority and was therefore designated Board-elect. As the Transition Committee and the Board-elect reviewed the documents and the physical (engineering) aspects of Jonathan's Landing, they felt that JLPOA was not ready for turnover. In addition, the relationship of JLPOA to the Golf Club had not been agreed upon. Extensive further negotiations involving the TC, the JLPOA, the Golf Club board and J.L., Inc. have taken place. Agreement having finally been reached, a class action suit has been filed in the courts by the TC with J.L., Inc. Turnover will occur, it is hoped, in early 1995.

The Golf Equity Committee, which was a sub-committee of the original Long Range Planning Committee, continued to operate as an informal body. However, anticipating the turnover of the Jonathan's Landing Golf Club, Inc. to the equity members no later than December 31, 1995, a Golf Transition Committee was named by the Developer in May 1993 to replace the Golf Equity Committee. It is constituted as follows:

Don Foley
Walter Beaman
Russell Tipton
Burt Winer
William Manning
Frank Walsh
Robert Smith
Ed. McManus
B. McLean
Vice Chairman and Legal
Golf Maintenance
Real Estate and Equipment
Employee Benefits

The committee concerns include all aspects of the Golf Club. A major function is to increase the present 670 (approximate) members to the 800-900 range. To assist in reaching this goal the Committee obtained the same rights for non-resident equity members as were provided resident equity members. In December 1994 the Developer hired two marketing specialists to sell additional equity memberships.

The Golf Transition Committee should not be confused with the elected Equity Advisory Committee, which was established by J.L., Inc. in 1986 to discuss golf matters with the Developer. It meets monthly. At present it consists of the following:

Equity Advisory Committee

James K. Adams (2 year term)
Max Evans
John Unkles

In addition to the work of the Long Range Planning Committee, the Transition Committee and the Golf Transition Committee, the Presidents' Council has worked with the Developer to formulate or improve other matters relating to Jonathan's Landing, to wit:

Jonathan's Landing Rules and Regulations (adopted 3/89)
Dining Room smoking policy (1/93)
Dining Room dress code (1/92)
Safety/security (patrols, speeding, stop signs, guard uniforms, etc.)
Macadam road and fence west of driving range

Following is a list of Presidents' Council officers since inception:

ChairmanRobert HorningJohn HoffJohn HoffJohn RuchalskiWilliam Renner
Vice ChairmanChet ClaudonCharles CobbJohn RuchalskiEugene Ellison.
Secretary-TreasurerTom CurleyRobert LatimerRobert LatimerRobert LatimerRobert Latimer

The Presidents' Council wishes to acknowledge especially the outstanding contributions to the leadership and work of the Council of Bob Hornung (1923-1991) and John Hoff (1918-1993). Both were key figures in the successful operation of the Council.

Robert Latimer

Jonathan's Landing Village Presidents Committee

Each Village will be represented by its President, Unit Owner Director, or their designated substitute.
(A) To provide a forum for discussion of common problems and their solutions.

(B) We appreciate the efforts of the Developer in trying to be responsive to the needs and concerns of the owners; we also realize how difficult it is to sift through conflicting requests in determining and prioritizing the wishes of the majority; therefore, this committee will offer its services as a liason between the owners and the Developer in the interest of good communication, understanding, and cooperation.

(C) The Committee shall from time to time offer suggestions and recommendations to the Developer for the perceived common good of all involved with Jonathan's Landing.
The Committee shall at least annually elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Recording Secretary.
The Committee shall remain informal in structure, shall have no binding power, and shall perform no function except as specifically delineated in this document.
Accepted and approved this 5th of February, 1988 - (12 signatures)